Printable Easter Bunny Footprints

These printable Easter Bunny footprints are so much fun to decorate your home for Easter!  And it's one of my favorite Easter crafts regardless of if you have kids or what age they are.  My daughter and husband both like to help decorate for Easter.  We have a lot of the same decorations out each year.  But we also like to have new ones that we don't feel like we have to keep.  One year we did a lot with carrots.  One year the theme was jelly beans.  With these types of ideas that we like to change out, I don't want to spend a lot of money on them.  I do want to spend time with my family putting these together.  

This year we are going all in on Easter bunny footprints.  So I wanted to not only have them in my home, but wanted to give you an easy way to decorate your home as well.

With these free printables, you can enhance what you are already doing with Easter baskets and Easter eggs. 

Let's chat about all that we can do with these bunny prints…

  • You can make an Easter bunny footprint stencil out of one sheet, lay it on the ground and sprinkle flour, baby powder, or another white powder (like powdered sugar) over it to make DIY Easter bunny tracks leading to where the baskets are on Easter morning.
  • You can make a garland with these by simply cutting them out and adding them to twine.
  • You can cut them out and use them to decorate your front door or windows at the front of your house.  
  • You can cut them out and add them to the backs of your kitchen chairs or barstools.
  • You can cut them out and have your young children put them on the window in a way to ask the Easter bunny to stop at your house.
  • You can glue it to the bottom of a plate from the dollar store as a cute way to display Easter candy.
  • You can use them as a path to where the Easter egg hunt starts.
  • Some teachers can decorate their classroom bulletin boards with them or their Sunday school classes.
  • You can add them to a Easter welcome sign.
  • You can take the smaller size ones and add them to napkin rings for your dining room table.  

Here's my Easter garland using these footprints. I cut them out, added them to canvas banners that I also cut and finished them with ribbon bows.

It's easy to set a cute table with these printable Easter Bunny footprints. I glued the large set to the bottom of a plate from the dollar store. Then I cut out two smaller ones and added them onto my napkin rings.

Spread the Easter Joy

You can also do a lot with these outside of your home:

  • You can decorate a box of Easter goodies with these footprints on top to mail off to your favorite college student.
  • Print out these for your neighbor's kids for them to decorate.
  • Make Easter garlands to mail to your friends.
  • Add them to white cardstock and mail out Easter cards.
  • Surprise a shut in with Easter goodies decorated with these printable bunny footprints.
  • You can start a fun tradition, similar to the Elf on the Shelf, of where are the Easter bunny feet.  We did that one year, and it was a fun Easter activity that lasted for 3 weeks prior to Easter.

Spring is my favorite season, so Easter decorations are some of my favorite also. I don't go all wild and crazy decorating like I do for Christmas, but I love to find perfect ways of sprinkling Easter decor items throughout my house.  I'm always thinking of the perfect way to decorate without going completely overboard.

While you can use a Cricut machine or other e-cutter, with this printable bunny feet template, you don't have to.  I used scissors with mine, they cut out quickly!  

Click here to get your cute Easter bunny footprints.

I hope you enjoy this fun way of decorating for the Easter season.  there is so much you can do with this free bunny footprint template, the possibilities are endless!  It's such a simple craft that you can use in so many ways, and none of it is hard work!  Just an easy craft to help decorate your home.  

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Thank You

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you like these creative decorative printable Easter Bunny footprints. See you in the next project! XOXO, Meg

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