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Hello Seasons Signs

In no time at all, you can print and display these adorable seasonal signs in your home!  Pick your favorite frame, print each out and store them all together in the frame.  Go the extra mile and embellish them to give them your personal touch!

Meet Meg

Hi! I am Megan Daves and I am here to tell you that I should have failed art! Yep. Middle school, 8th grade, Mrs. Gast – she should have given me a big, huge, ugly F in her class. But she was the type that truly believed in “A for effort”. I can't draw, I can't sketch, but I always wanted to be a maker of sorts. Is this at all like you?

I love crafting, love making something from nothing, like vinyl crafts, up-cycyling, furniture painting, papercrafting, hot glue gun projects, fabric crafts (not clothing making or anything fancy like that!); if it involves anything that makes your home feel homey, I want to make it!

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